Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009-Family Photos

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So cool

I just found out my pictures that I upload to shutterfly can be moved over to here and facebook like in a matter of seconds! Silly me why did I not know this before! This will make my life so much easier! Now you can see more of are all so lucky:)

October 2009-Family Photos

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Firefighter Day at preschool

Playing doctor after dad left
All dressed up, trying to show the kids that even though they look scary they are not! He took the helmet on and off to show them that he was still just Kin's dad
McKinley and Dad
I have a picture of Justin and McKinley from fire day when Coleton was in preschool where she is only one month old and she looks so small! And here we are with her class! Time flies!
McKinley's class! Kin's "boyfriend" is on the right and Kin's best friend is the one holding hand with the girl in the pink! How dare she:) Just kidding! So sweet
Talking to the kids

Today was firefighter day at Kin's school. She said that she was so excited last night that she couldn't even sleep not even a wink! I hope that she is always so excited to have us at her school. Justin showed them all of his gear and talked fire safety with them. We talked about having a meeting place and even though McKinley knows where we are to meet she acted like she had no idea what we were talking about. Looks great coming from the firefighter daughter! She was full of comments and questions which were really only more comments! We were doing really well with not scaring the kids until it was time for the class to get a picture taken with Justin and then we had one kids start wimpering in the back and backing away very quickly so she was no in the picture! All in all a fun day!

Dress up

Joe and Coleton
Hummm, the camera is over here:)
Lori and Dad with the Nancy Grace book Lori bought him
Nice, brother love
Dad, really does not like pictures
Anna, Uncle Mike and McKinley
Aunt Lori and Anna
McKinley and Aunt Lori
McKinley in her outfit
Kin, Aunt Lori and Anna
Anna and McKinley

So, a few weeks ago we had everyone over for Pam and Joe's birthdays. They are a week apart so we often do them together. Anyhow Aunt Lori thought of the great idea to play dress up with some girls that love to be together but get a little fussy with each other some times just like all girls right...:) Anyhow she dressed them up is great style and had them do a little show! They looked so cute and by the way Lori you looked great too! They loved having everyone looks at them:) Then on to birthdays and it was extra special because Pam and Vince announced that they are going to have a baby in April so of course I was so happy because I love having babies around! We are so excited for them. Anna will be a wonderful big sister. McKinley is already picking out names for the baby or if you ask her babies (there is only one) but she is sure that Aunt Pam can handle two at a time so she is picking names two at a time as well! Trace and Kayleigh are the names this week we shall see what she comes up with next! Congrats Pam and Vince we are so happy for you guys:)