Saturday, September 12, 2009

RIP Leafy

McKinley's message to Leafy
I can't really read the name on the stone
An overview

Ok, so Grandma Ann and McKinley caught a walking stick and McKinley decided that it needed to come home...(a few weeks back the same thing happened and it died) So, I wasn't really all that thrilled to bring home another one but she wanted to so I let her. Anyhow today the thing died again or so we thought. McKinley decided that it needed a new home since it was dead. So, she decided to dig a grave. Jenna from across the street was over as well. I was mowing. Anyhow I saw shovels, and hammers and such going to the back and wondered what was happening. I looked over and saw them all working hard on this grave. After about a good half hour I was called back to look at leafy new home. McKinley was so excited about it. I went back there and this was what I saw a grave complete with head your heart out Abel vault monument:) I asked them it they said a prayer before putting poor leafy in the ground and they said
"well he wasn't really dead"

"what...."I said

"he was missing his two legs and he is a walking stick so we killed him"

at this point I wasn't quite sure what to say to them! They went though all this hard work making a grave for a poor animal who wasn't really dead just disabled so I just said nothing!

"It's a great grave"

Wonderful, now we have a grave yard for walking stick just below our bedroom window! Next time Grandma is getting to keep the walking stick:)

McKinley's First Day of School

All ready to go:)
Justin and McKinley on Friday, he missed the first day because he was at work
Inside before school
So grown up...I teared up a little

So sweet
Before we left
Outside at the sign
Getting our picture taken before meeting her teacher
McKinley with her teacher
Playing at the park after school

So, this Wed. was Kin's first day back at Eureka Community Preschool! She was so excited to get back and see her friends even though her bestest friend Anna was not in her class. We were happy to see some old faces when we got there and even Bri her other bestest friend was there! I knew that she would be but didn't tell Kin just in case something would happen and they weren't in the same class!

So, Kin put on her greatest show for everyone! We had some good laughs at her. She was so willing to do anything and for that I am so thankful! I have never had to peel her off on of my leg to get her to go with someone or had her cry when I have left her! She is such a colorful happy and easy going kid! We love her so much!

Anyhow, we got to stay in the classroom for a little while and listen to her teacher read them a story and hear everyone tell their names and while the story was being read she saw her favorite police officer Officer Lucky (yes, that's his real name) Just a little background on her past with him. He came to the school last year and she was really taken by him! She told him all about our guns (which we don't have, only nerf guns) me getting pulled over (which never happened, that she would remember) and lots of other stuff. Anyhow, she is just taken by him she LOVES him every officer she see's is officer Lucky, every car is officer Lucky etc! Anyhow his daughter is in Kin's class...oh the joy she had when he walked in, all dressed in his police outfit! As soon as I saw him I knew we were in trouble! She yelled out "oh Officer Lucky, I remember you, you let me wear you hat, oh I missed you....blah blah blah! And then since everyone was laughing she had to do her dolphin laugh which only gets more laughter!

Oh, my word my hards are going to be full with her:) When we were walking out I had another mom tell me that she hoped some of McKinley rubs off on her daughter because she is so shy! I hope she is still saying that by the end of the year!

After a while the parents went to fill out papers and Coleton's old preschool teacher was there to stay in the room with the kids! When I got back she said "ohhh my how different they are" isn't that the truth!

So, it was a great day overall! She has made friends with everyone already! I'll keep ya posted I am sure it will be an interesting year:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Finally done!

Before they startedMcKinley working with dots:) Again, yes you just saw this one Anna getting started

McKinley getting Started

Ok, so I am not getting any smarted about uploading pictures on here! Please forgive the crazy order!

So two weeks ago McKinley wanted to have her best friend Anna come over for a play date. The went to pre-school together and if you have ever talked to McKinley you know just who I am talking about because she is always telling everyone about her bestest friend.... So we had her over and decided that we should go to the Discovery Museum but on the way over I remembered that the area was all under construction so I had the great idea to take the girls to go paint pottery! It was a blast...I didn't really know if they would enjoy it but as soon as I suggested it they were all for it! We got there a bit early so we had to drive around for a while and wait for it to open. Finally it opened and the girls were so excited! We had a long talk about being good, no running, screaming etc...that we had to be ladies. They nodded over and over and finally asked it we could please go in. For a second I thought what in the world ever made me think to take them to do this and then that thought faded and we went in!

The first thing you need to do is pick out your pottery. They decided on the very first plate that they saw and I encouraged them to keep looking. After a while they decided on a princess bank and an elephant bank!

Then we needed paint. This was fun. There were tons of choices and they just couldn't decide. So we started with gray and purple. Anna was really careful when she was painting and picked the littlest paint brush and painted very gently making sure that every spot was covered! McKinley picked the biggest paint brush and painted the elephant many different colors. Kin was so cute when she asked the lady
"what if I get paint on the table?"
"no big deal we'll just wipe it off"
Then Kin and Anna just looked at each other with big eyes and they both said
"really, fun"

Then when they both thought they were done the lady asked them it they wanted to make poke-a-dots...and of course they did!

It was so cute watching them and listening to there conversations. There was a lots of "mine is going to look great" "oh this is so pretty" etc....and then some "i love you, I'm gonna miss you" "your my best friend" so cute. They have grown up so much since the last time Anna came over.
It was so much fun! Then from there we went to McDonald's where the girls decided to sit up on the tall bar stools. They both got happy meals and proudly sat up on the stools with there feet dangling and eat away. There was more "i love you talk" and so on. They were the only kids there so there we many older people listening in on the talking. Then when they were done I got up to clean the tray and the old lady that was sitting behind me said "thanks so much for letting me in on the conversation, I really made my day!" how sweet is that! Sometimes you forget about how sweet it is to hear a child's voice when you hear it every day!

Then we came back to our house and played for a little bit and then brought her home! It was such a fun day with "just the girls" as Kin would say! I would recommend doing this with your kids! It's just fun:)