Saturday, August 22, 2009

And just a few more:)

Coleton and McKinley~August 2009
Justin and Coleton~August 2009

Me and Coleton~August 2009

Waiting for the bus~August 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Week of School!

Though the school years!

September 2004
Three year old preschool

September 2005
Four year old pre-school
August 2006
Coleton-August 2007
First Grade
Coleton- August 2008
Second Grade
Coleton-August 2009
Third Grade

Well, this week we started back to school! Coleton went back on Tuesday for his first half day. He was really excited to go back and has been talking about it FOREVER but as we were waiting for the bus he told me "mom I am kinda getting butterflies, I think I am gonna miss you..." oh how sweet is that! Much better than two years ago when he was in tears getting on the bus begging me not to send him! That was terrible! So, we made it though with no tears this year. The bus driver who might I add is always on time always looks so happy when I sit there with my camera trying to get a picture. I have learned that I have to be quick, like so quick you would never ever know I took it quick! Coleton always thinks it's a bit much as well but what do you do! So, he is in third grade this year, where did the time go! Third grade is suppose to be the rough year at Congerville so we shall see what happens. I am sure he will do fine! The only big mess up so far was today when he came walking into the living room at 2:15 (an hour early) hmmm....did someone forget to send out that note that they got out early for Eureka's 150 year celebration or did I miss it? Since I always check all read notes all the way though it couldn't of been me:) Oh well at least we were home:)

Kin doesn't start pre-school until the 8th of September so we have a few weeks yet. She is also so excited to go back and can't quite understand why Coleton gets to go back before her! She is going to have Mrs. Fergerson this year who was out most of last year with some health issues. We are hoping and praying that this year will be better for her and that she will be able to teach all year long! Kin is super excited that she is going to be a BIG kid this year, in the fours class:) It has been fun hanging out with just her this week. She is such a sweet little girl who is full of energy and personality! You just never know what a day will be like when she is around! She spends the days telling me how much she loves me and saying "just the girls" its so sweet!

And for the first time in four years Justin is not starting school with the kids:) He is working in the ER at OSF on day shift which is really taking some getting use to. I am use to getting phone calls from him thoughout the day checking in and such but there is not more of busy! And I am use to going to bed by myself and now that isn't happening which I am glad but as soon as I get use to having him around at night his shift will change to nights which will be in a few weeks! He really likes it down there. It is just something that is going to take a lot of getting use to and feeling comfortable with what he's doing! It's not like you do the same thing every day or even every hour like on the floors. He see's something new and different every day, every hour! I know that it wouldn't be a good place for me! I would always be wondering what happened to the patient when they left the er! Too personal I guess for me...but for him it is great! We are so enjoying this new phase of live and all that goes with shift, night shift and every mood in between:) Just kidding!

Well, here are some pictures from the first day of school! I thought it would be fun to see all of Coleton's first day photos so here they are! I can figure out how to type first and pictures second so you have already seen them when you are reading this! Enjoy:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car Wash

Today Anna came over while Pam went to school to get her classroom set up! Anna is such a sweet busy two year old. She remembers everything and talks a mile and second! Anyhow, we tried to run though the sprinkler but she was having no part of that so we decided to wash the van instead. The kids had so much fun! They all did a great job scrubbing and getting all the bugs off and dirt off! They even did the tires! It was really cute. When we got done Coleton piled the towels up as well as some paper towels and I put them in the wash! I didn't quite find the paper towels until they we all over the wash machine! Oh, well:)

My sweet baby girl!
Coleton using the socks to get the tires really clean
The girls doing all the work:)
McKinley washing the windows
Anna thinking something was really funny
Working hard
Such a handsome boy
Coleton and AnnaAnna washing her spot of the van
freeze Pops for everyone


KinleyJustin and Coleton! They look so much alike!Coleton and his castJustin and Kin! So sweet
Coleton jumping in
Kin being her funny self
Going down the slide on her belly

Our next door neighbor is so nice and lets us use his pool and since there hasn't been that many warm days we haven't gotten to use it that much! But yesterday we took a dip! Well, Justin and the kids did! The water was still a bit to cold for me

Grandma Roth

Do you ever stop to think just how fast things can change! Less than a week ago Grandma was out and about eating pizza and ice cream at the Merk and Friday was in bed and didn't get up since. She has been fighting cancer since November, I believe and she gave up doing chemo a few weeks back. She moved into the home in Eureka for what was suppose to be a short stay after a while we all knew that she was not going to be able to go back to her house her in town! I had many sad walks past her house knowing that she was not going to be there anymore.

She finally won the battle this afternoon and now is in Heaven! I can't help but smile when I think of her reunion with Grandpa! Their smiles were huge I am sure but beyond that getting to see Jesus face to face. What a sight. We can only imagine what she is seeing now! She was ready to go! She was ready to see what heaven was like and we are all so happy for her but it still does not take away the pain and losing her!

Death is such a weird thing. In the last six months we have lost three people that were really close to us. My mom, Grandma Schick and now Grandma Roth. I can believe that my kids went from have four grandma's to now only having one! My heart just breaks for them. Each grandma meant so much to their little hearts. And now another one is gone. I know that they will be rejoicing because grandma is now is heaven reading newspapers on the davenport with grandpa. And, they were happy because mom was no longer sick. Their hearts are just so pure and sweet. They can see the truth in the situation and not be sad.

Our family is defiantly going to be different. No more Thursday night ice cream at the merk, or stopping by to see if grandma is home for a visit. We are going to miss her so much!

Justin and Grandma at his pinning in May! She was so proud of him
Grandma and Coleton at his birthday in July
Grandma and the kids at Justin's pinning
What a proud grandma she was
This is my favorite picture of Kin and Grandma

Anyhow, this was just my rambling! I have been feeling so sad knowing this was coming, having Grandma Schick pass away and mom! Oh, how I miss her! Lately it has hit me that she is not coming back, she really is gone! Anyhow, please pray for our family! It's going to be tough!

We love you Grandma!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mud pies

The kids decided that it would be fun to run though a mud puddle in the yard in their good clothes. They started on the slide which wasn't that bad but they the ended up using a mud puddle as a slip and slide! They had a wonderful time getting dirty...not even a little dirty but head to toe dirty. They had grass everywhere! We are still trying to get the stains out but they had fun so its worth it! Making memories!
Trying it out with goggles
Kin looking cute
Playing together
Trying to get the water off

Just a cool picture so you could see just how muddy it was:)
Mud puddles are so much fun

Wipe out

Aren't we cute!
Well, what a summer we have had. It's either

Anna comes to visit

Here is a group picture of the kids from the other day! Pam had to work on her classroom so we got to enjoy Anna for a while! She is too cute and is growing up so fast...
Coleton, Anna and McKinley

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kids Helping Kids St. Jude Bake Sale

Sheriff Mike McCoy with Coleton and McKinley Memphis to Peoria runners starting off on the way to Peoria, in the rain:(
Running into the church from Congerville
Sheriff Mike McCoy telling everyone what we did
Coleton and McKinley holding the sign about dax
Our signs for the kids
Our family

Today was our Kids helping Kids Bake sale for St. Jude! It was a really busy last few days getting ready for the sale but it was so worth it! This year we did the sale in honor of some kids from the area that are fighting cancer right now! We picked five kids and made it a point to tell the kids who we were raising money for! It really helped them to put a face with the cause! Anyhow, we got up bright and early this morning and heading to the Merc to set up. When we first got there it looked like we had so much stuff and we did but as people started coming we were moving a lot of stuff! We went though 25 pies in no time at all! Pretty amazing! People were giving from their hearts and we are so thankful to all who gave, mailed donations or baked for the sale. We are so blessed to have your love and support!

We packed up shop with less the fifty things left and had a quick lunch and then heading to meet up with the runners to give them our money! They always do such a nice job at making the kids feel good about raising the money and it always brings tears to my eyes when I watch those runners! Running Memphis to Peoria-over 400 miles! It's amazing!

If you didn't have time to get your donation to us and would still like to donate feel free to mail us a check we will still be taking donations :)