Friday, July 17, 2009


Last night we went fishing with our good friend Shawnda! She is a blast to hang out with no matter what you are doing but she loves to fish and so do I so it was really fun! We didn't really get to many bites and we were determined not to leave until someone got a fish so we sat and waited. Two kids who aren't very patient and Justin :) He hasn't ever really gotten in to the whole sit and wait to catch something and then throw it back point on fishing but he was a real good sport about it even with a near broken toe ( I'll save that story for another day:) Anyhow, finally while reeling in to recast Coleton got a fish! Here are the pictures from the night! Thanks for inviting us Shawnda and we hope you didn't get to wet when the storms hit:)
McKinley being the net girl for Shawnda!
Coleton patiently waiting for a fish!
McKinley getting tried on waiting for the fish so she started making her own fun! She wasn't to happy when we told her about the fish guts that were on the net!
Coleton with his fish! Thank goodness for Shawnda being there to get the hook out! Every time I go fishing I have to have someone with me to get the hooks out! Not really something that I like doing!


Last Friday we went with the summer reading program to splashdown. After a total yucky day it turned out to be pretty nice out when it was time to go! Every Friday night in July is Family night and it costs 10.00 per family to get it so it was all families there and not really that busy! Really nice except for the really rude teenager that felt the need to continue to spray me (fully dressed with camera in hand)! are some pictures of the night!This is Justin's cousin baby Kenzie! Isn't she so sweet! Coleton and Kinley taking a break from swimming!Coleton getting done going down the slide!

Sweet McKinley!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The cast!

Here are some of the pictures from the casting! Coleton did great...sorry no pictures of the prisoner! (see post below:) He is already tired of having this on! He is trying everything to itch it! I remember the days, casts are no fun at all!

Five boys, one van and one mom:)

So, we thought this year we would take Coleton and his friends to a movie for his friends party! We decided to see Ice Age. So, around 2:30 I started out on my way to pick everyone up. By the time I got a few kids I found out why Mrs. Fisher said that they were by far the smallest class by they were also by far the loudest! It was really fun to listen in on what they were catching up on and what they thought they all needed to share! I really learned alot by the drive over! We made it to the movies with plenty of time to spare and we got settled in the top row, got out glasses on and I started passing out drinks. I has a smart idea by bringing drinks and bowls and getting the refillable popcorn (always trying to save a buck) which worked out really well until in the first few second of having their bowl it got knock over and I had to start all over:) It must not just be the boys because when I went to refill it I knocked half the bucket all over the counter and the floor ( I am blaming the butter) anyhow the lady who was helping me was less than helpful and was ready to let me clean the whole mess up when the manager came up and cleaned it up for me! The movie was good but some of the jokes that were throwen in just for the adults where chought by the kids...maybe a little more suttle next time:) I was sure I was going to get questioned on some of them but the boys seemed have their handle on it! I was glad that their was only a few other people in there with us:)
We made it though the movie then went back to our house for dinner, gifts, cake and playing! I think that we could have just done the playing and they would have all been happy! They had a great time and after it was done I was glad that I didn't have five boys to take care of all day every day! They are all great kids and it was really fun to see just how different they all are! All in all is went really well! A great day:)

Coleton is eight!

This was such a hard day for me! I can't quite put my finger on it what it was about this birthday that was different that any other but it was a tough day! We woke up bright and early to head off to the ortho doctor to get the low down on his wrist. Coleton sat oh so quietly in the back seat, not reading or playing with anything! I was worried at this point that we were in for one of those days but after thinking about it for a bit I finally asked him what the trouble was and he started talking all about how he was afraid that he was going to need and cast and how his friends we going to make fun of him when we picked them up later! That thought had never crossed my mind that he would be worried about that. I did something that I would tell everyone not to do and told him that he mostly likely would not need a cast and that they would most likely just put it back in the wrap....ok ok ok I know should have never said that but come on he could move it all around! So, on with the drive with a slightly happier little boy! Then we got to the office and the doctor spent less that 5 minutes with us pulled up the x-ray and quickly said you need a short arm cast! No bike riding, no tree climbing and no roller blading all of which are his favorite things to should have seen the look he gave me! Ok, now that I was feeling oh so bad we proceed to the casting room! Oh, did I forget to mention that there was a prisoner waiting to be seen as well. When we were called back to the room they called the prisoner as well. He was cuffed hands and feet in the whole prisoner get up so we were walking back with our backs turned and you could just hear the cuffs rubbing together! Poor Coleton just grabs my hand and looks pretty scared and I just was praying that we didn't get attacked on his birthday! I mean really can't they treat them in the jail! So after that we went to the casting room and got our red cast! He did great and was really happy to tell people about his first present of the day....haha!

After that whole drama we headed out to get some stuff for the party! He had a good time doing that and getting a milky way for a morning snack! Then we headed to wal-mart and he saw his second grade teacher and was so excited that she was the first on who got to sign his cast....I was starting to see hope that the day was turning around! Then, off to Culvers for lunch! I am sure we looked really cute shoved into the tiny one person booth! He thought he needed to sit by me! I was so nice just the two of us hanging out! This was the point in the day when I looked at him, grown up teeth, his first cast and really about started to cry! I am happy that he was growing up to be such a great kid but also it is really hard to let go! I have always been there for him though every little thing and now I am starting to see that he is doing more and more on his own!
Aunt Lori came over for a little bit and brought the gift that mom and dad wouldn't buy for him, the prefect aunt present! A storm trooper helmet! He was so happy...he told everyone about this thing and he was so happy to finally open it that I think we could have said the day was over and he wouldn't of cared...well maybe not but close!
Then we were off to pick up his friends for the party! I will save that post for next time because I need to put up those pictures and for some reason blogger always does my pictures not quite right, it's blogger right couldn't be me! Anyhow, I will leave you with this thought five boys one van and one mom...sounds fun right:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Here are some pictures of dress up at our house! Coleton and McKinley were playing super well together this day and had a ball running all around the house!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We've been married for nine year....

Well, it's here another anniversary! Justin and I have been married for nine years today! Seems like it was just yesterday...Just kidding I won't go down that road:) It does amaze me how fast our time together goes. I just wanted to say that every anniversary that we have something seems to go wrong. Our first anniversary was spent in labor at OSF having Coleton a month early, our second anniversary was spent at my uncle (who we loved very much) visitation or funeral and so on. This year Coleton's broken wrist. For some reason the day comes and I wonder what is going to happen! So, when I woke up this morning to see that it was a totally gross day outside I had to smile because it just seems to fit the pattern! Anyhow, we are suppose to go out to eat tonight and finish out shopping for Coleton's birthday, which is tomorrow! Justin is in Chicago today fixing chairs at a hospital, a second job for him so we will see what time he makes it home to see if it is even possible to go!

Some days it seems like forever since we have been married but others it is just another day. We have been together for 13 years now so being together is just something that is suppose to happen each day! I often wonder what I would be without him. I would have to do everything myself, who would fold the clothes or empty the dishwasher, paint the room that I change every few months or fix the things that I broke. Then I wonder what my kids would do without their daddy and that just about breaks my heart. He is such a wonderful husband and daddy I don't think we could manage without him! So, we just pray that he is around forever and ever doing everything that he does and making us smiling:)

Tomorrow Coleton will be eight! That is a sad posting, I will save that for tomorrow!

Hope your day is a wonderful one!