Saturday, June 20, 2009

Never buy from Oak express

Plan and simple never ever buy from them!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool Time

Most of our nights were spent in one of the resorts pools. The kids has a great time cooling off after a long day at the parks and playing with Grandma and Grandpa as well!

Sea World


We need a vacation to recover from our vacation

Well our week here in Florida is over, we fly home in the early morning hour. It has been a blast here doing the Disney thing but today it hit me that if I hear one more language that I couldn't understand I was going to scream. It seemed that everyone that ran into me or I ran into could not understand what I was saying and vice versa. It was time to be done! The kids had a great time each taking away some really special memories! Tuesday we were at the beach and it was hot. We tried to take some family pictures but none really turned out because the sun was very bright. The kids had a great time playing with Justin and his dad. Dave was a huge hit when he come up with the boogey board. Then Justin decided that he wanted to try para sailing and convinced Coleton and McKinley to go with him. Even though Coleton was a bit unsure he went though with it and had a good time! Then Wed. we headed to Sea World and it was so hot. I think that see all the water made it even worse. It was everywhere and we couldn't get to it. Most of the rides that were made for the kids were broke and the water station was broke as well. It was kinda a bummer since we spent so much for it but we still had a good time watching all the shows and spending time with Justin's parents!

Monday, June 8, 2009

So we were just getting into Magic Kingdom when we a disney staff member came up and started talking to Kin. As you know she loves new people so it was great. She asked Kin is she would like to see a special friend and be a special guest so of course said yes. We were then taken into a building that was very quite and taken back to a room with a velvet curtain. The lady told Kin that if she wanted to see her special friend she needed some magic, so we all said bip-a-bop-ba-de-boo and the curtain opened and they was Cinderella! She got to see her and take pictures and talk to her all by herself without being rushed out because others we waiting! It was so wonderful! McKinley was so excited and I think Coleton even was too:) She was pretty cute. So, anyhow that was our disney magic for the day! Wonderful memories for her! Then at the parade when she came by she was yelling "hey Cinderella it's me your friend McKinley" so cute!

Very magical day....:)

Hello Magic Kingdom and goodbye Epcot

We made our way back to Epcot this morning to meet the animals and ride some of the great rides that require a fast pass to get into without a huge wait! The kids had a good time meet them and riding on the rides as well. They loved test track and would have rode it again if the wait would not of been so long. We left after lunch and got to ride on the monarail in the the very front which freaked me out but of course everyone else loved it. A very cool tip that we learned from our disney book ask and you shall receive!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hollywood Studios/Epcot

We started the day off at Hollywood studios and then we went to Epcot. We saw a playhouse disney show, little mermaid show, finding nemo
show, chat with flick, and many other really cool things. The day started out really hot and by the time we were in the gates McKinley was already crying for a swimming pool! Oh, what a long day this was going to be:) Anyhow, we found lots of water fountains to splash in and that seemed to make the day go better! Then by lunch in Florida fashion the looks of a storm came though and many people started to leave. It never really did rain but sure clouded up and the breeze was very welcoming! We got some people to take some nice pictures of the four of us which was nice. The pictures of Justin and I Coleton took. I am always amazed at what a good job he does! We made it home around 5 and fed them supper and then Dave and Ann took them to the pool while Justin and I ate. We have been coming back early and letting them get their last bit of energy out in the pool before bed. Tomorrow we are going back to Epcot and then to Magic Kingdom! Should be fun....

He is a padawhan.....!

Well, we got up bright and early to make it on the first bus out of the resort so that we could be up in the front of the line for Jedi training academy. This is a show that picks kids from the crowd and put them though the training to fight darth vader. Coleton loves Star Wars and so when we went yesterday and he didn't get picked he was sure that today would be his day so we got out early and it paid off. There were many people in the crowd that were there for the fifth time still trying to get picked. Anyhow, he was picked and was so excited! Here are the photos from that....